DIY: Knit Patch

Repair your sweaters with this Knit Patch DIY.

You'll need a few supplies to get started repairing your knit sweater.
DIY: Knit Patch
Take a closer look. DIY: Knit Patch
Knit a patch for holes that may have formed in your favorite fall sweaters.

We've all found a run in one of our favorite sweaters, and it can be a huge bummer, especially when the rest of it is perfectly intact. Well, dry those tears, child, because if you have basic knitting skills, or can enlist someone who does to help you out, you can cover up that hole with a knit patch that imparts some deconstructed sophistication that Japanese designers always seem to do so well.

To make the patch, you will need knitting needles (try to get a similar size to the stitches you are picking up on the sweater), yarn, a scissor, and a crochet hook. Start by picking up stitches a few rows down from the hole and begin to knit your rows. As you knit, pick up a stitch from the sweater on the first and last stitch of every row.You may find with a machine knit sweater that it is hard to match the gauge. If that's the case, you can always decrease your stitches gradually on each side as you go. Don't get too caught up in making everything perfect; the hand knit quality is part of the charm.

Once you've knitted a few rows past the end of the sweater hole, bind off, catching a stitch of the sweater in each knit stitch, so that you bind off entirely while catching your patch to the sweater.

Use a crochet hook to push the two end yarn pieces inward, and you're done. Now put on that sweater and buy yourself (or your hardworking friend) a hot toddy for all that effort.