Make New Palermo Body Soaps Your Perfect Match

Palermo Body Cold Process Soaps were just what we we're looking for- a masterfully effective, clean, wholesome soap to bring home to mom. 

Spring Clean Your Grooming Routine

Here are some easy changes you can make right now to spring clean up your personal care routine. 

Help Us Support The Natural Resources Defense Counsel

Starting today, Monday the 17th, until Earth Day, Saturday the 22nd, we'll be donating 10% of all sales to the National Resources Defense Counsel.


Embracing Your Natural Hair Never Looked So Good

The best part of beauty standards in the millennial age is the embracing of what makes us all unique.

The Supplements You Should Be Taking For Great Hair

If you have dull, thin hair, it's more than likely that a simple dash of Texture Powder or a swipe of pomade won't solve your hair woes. The problem is most often a deficiency in your diet, which luckily can be remedied with the addition of hair-health boosting supplements. 

Why We Love To Spring Clean

Come late March/early April, and it's almost instinctual. We feel the days growing longer, and then we feel the need to clean. But why?

Signs That It's Time to Spring Clean Your Gut

Spring cleaning isn't just for your home. While beating out your dusty rug and sorting through your belongings to see what should get the axe is good for your mind, it's neglecting a part of your body that's equally in need of tidying up: your gut. 

Not So Easy D: The Most Important Vitamin You Probably Aren't Getting Enough Of

Vitamin D does, prevents, and promotes just about everything we want it to do. But here’s the rub: you aren’t getting enough.

Hand Masks: The Age Preventing Treatment Everyone Should Be Doing

It turns out that the same masks you apply to your face can have the same great effects on your hands.

The Chinese Practice of Jade Rolling is Our Latest Skincare Obsession

Facialists, estheticians, dermatologists, and skincare fanatics are all adding a new (old) tool to their tool boxes: the jade roller. This 7th century Chinese skincare tool is simple to use, feels comforting on the skin, and provides visible results, making it the simplest addition to anyone's skincare routine.

Probiotics: The Clear Skin Booster You Didn't Know You Needed

Not only are probiotics awesome for gut health (yay!) they are also pretty darn great for your skin (double yay)!

Wellness Getaway in Santa Fe, New Mexico

There is one place that fulfills all of your wellness getaway requirements, Santa Fe.

Interview with Emily L'Ami of Bodha

We spoke with Emily L'Ami, one half of the husband and wife team of Bodha, about ritual, working with your spouse, and a NASA article on what the moon smells like

Mastering Hygge, The Danish Concept of Getting Cozy at Home

Sorry to crush your future plan of saying you're going to stay home and get higgy with it, but it's pronounced hue-gah, and it's our current favorite winter pass time. Here are a few suggestions for how to become a hygge master.

Alder New York Texture Powder Reaches Full On Life Hack Status

The simple, effortless application and the volume boosting results have given our latest hair product full on life hack status from some of our favorite publications.

Interview with David Kien and Matthew Herman of Boy Smells

We talked to the creators of our favorite new obsession, Boy Smells Scented Candles, about how they honed their nose, what's a boy smell, and seeing shows at the Ace Hotel.

Take a Trip with Boy Smells

A sniff of a familiar aroma can transport a person through time and space. The right fragrance, for a few moments, can take us on a trip to just about anywhere.

DIY: Matcha Latte Face Mask

Our favorite winter beverage inspired our new favorite antioxidant rich cold weather face mask.